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My name is Kurt Zins.  I would like to announce my candidacy

for Nicollet County Commissioner.

My primary objective, if elected, is to serve all the residents of Nicollet County with transparent, common-sense leadership, through a mindset of fiscal and social responsibility.  Before making a decision as a Commissioner, I will ask these five questions: who, what, why, when, and where, not only from the people I serve but also from the County management and staff, and I will do my best to make sure that those are known and communicated to the residents of the County and align with their best interests.

I take the taxing and spending of the people's money very seriously, and as a taxpayer myself, I’ve questioned whether spending by the County has always been handled in the most judicious way. Rather than assuming this is an overspending problem, in some cases, it may just be a lack of transparency. I will work to make sure that my constituents know where their money is going and why. 

My only agenda is to preserve and protect our County so that everyone can experience the Nicollet County area that we know and love.  Please know that I will always put the interests of those I serve ahead of my own and of those who serve them.

I would appreciate your vote on Tuesday November 8th, 2022.  Thank  you.



I’m a lifelong resident of Nicollet County and a Co-owner of  Zins, Inc., a business that serves both the agricultural and residential communities.  My wife Lori and I raised our two sons here. Our Zins heritage dates back to 1858 when my great grandfather, John C. Zins, arrived from Germany with his parents and siblings.

Before owning my own business,  I worked for Mankato Implement (now Kibble Equipment) as a manager,  and Zins Hardware and Implement both in ownership, management, and equipment sales and service.   Prior to that, I was a Regional Sales and Product Rep for TT Technologies Inc., a company working with numerous municipalities, contractors, and engineering firms in the upper Midwest.  My other employment experiences include working in sales at Potter Implement, building homes as a carpenter, and employment in the food and beverage industry.

I served 21 years as a Nicollet Volunteer Fireman and First Responder, 10 years of which serving as Treasurer of the Nicollet Firemen’s Relief Association.  I maintain my First Responder status and still respond to daytime calls with the Nicollet Fire Department when needed.  I also served on the Nicollet City Council.  All these job experiences make me uniquely qualified to represent both rural and urban constituents of Nicollet County District 5.

I also enjoy the outdoors, fishing and hunting and spending time with family and friends.

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